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Additionally, Seon Mi initially only loves Oh Gong because he protects her – which can be objectionable because that’s just something he does (unwillingly at that) and not loving him for who he is. It’s sad that he doesn’t get to see his love anymore, but it’s consoling that he now has his child and a goal to work towards. =). A Korean Odyssey (2017) Episode 20 END. The other demons congregate to discuss about this, while Alice -the real one- turns up because she is confused with a photo she found in her phone. Speaking of Kang, he’s angry that the media, academic and legal circles have abandoned him. Did u realise that the scene which SM called OG out to the garden is the same scene in episode 1 which OG called SM to the garden to say she has grown up well? PLEASE. As pointed out, who would have thought that the thing which everyone said would weaken his stone heart actually helped him stay alive? Hey Soompiers, what did you think of the “Hwayugi” finale? We see that post-Dragon, Oh Gong has completely forgotten everything that has happened, including Seon Mi. The ending of Episode 3 flopped harder than a dead hippo got tossed out of a plane without a chute. As if to provide us some context and I guess closure, General Frost asks PK if it’s regrettable hearing Bu Ja’s real feelings, but PK doesn’t think that way. That’s not to say that the finale was entirely disappointing, because while it missed the mark with the plot devices it used, it found its strength in the wonderfully poignant, if short, moments between characters. When an evil spirit reaches such self-awareness, there is something very sad about it, especially since she did not become one by her own doing. 2.28 M. Tập 20 (End) ... Tập 12-End. But So here’s my fanfiction version: Oh Gong keeping the GGG had two purposes. And DEFINITELY this: “And they all live happily ever after, spending their days vanquishing evil spirits so there won’t ever be enough gathered in the world to create another black dragon”- omg what a smart way to end the cycle for good! “Do I still look pretty now?” “Yeah, you look pretty….because I love you.” Aaaah, this is WAY better than I imagined it to be. It was so wistful when Ah Sa Nyeo tells PK that Bu Ja did like him. I know that our monsters in Hwayugi didn’t go on a pilgrimage like they did in Journey to the West, but it still felt like quite the journey, full of misadventures, great tales, and a couple of wrong turns.We’re finally at the end of the road and it’s time to put Monkey’s love to the test once and for all. The show took a dramatic and emo turn in the second half, and while I enjoy thoroughly watching our couple being in love, I can understand if some people just cannot get into it. The episode starts off with a tribute to the classic, where Ma Wang tells the kids (Han Joo’s children) the story of a monkey born from stone who had a bad temper. I’m also incredibly obsessed with the song, Let Me Out, so I am overjoyed that the drama ended with this soundtrack. On that, I LOVE how he reiterates his promise to Seon Mi but this time, it’s said with such cheekiness and confidence – such a different rendition from our past iterations of the promise, but signifies something hopeful! We still wish he had shown her this while she was alive, but communication was never his strong suit. In 2017, Son Oh Gong and Ma Wang are in conflict with each other and they look for a … Very nice thought there as well that Oh Gong has to be the one to pick up the pieces himself so that he can remove the Guemganggo. A Korean Odyssey Episode 16 Recap written by thoughtsramble Sometimes I feel like truthfully all we had going on was a love story, sometimes I’m impressed with the amount of things that happens within one episode. He’s taken aback to see a photo of falling stars on the grandson’s phone and learns that on that day, the peddler told him to pay his respects to the stars. Why he would be driving to the afterlife is questionable, but HAHA let’s just leave him be, being all cool driving down that road with his shades. All the best to you!! And someday they have a baby who looks like SOG. Gu Yu (Eternal Love Rain) (The World is Coming) (2020) Trường An Như Cố (Cốt Cách Mỹ Nhân) Forever and Ever 2 ( Love Your Bones Forever) He sighed that the monkey had his real punishment now and is being sad and lonely somewhere. By kshow | March 5, 2018. Mar 03, 2018. 8.5/10 from 2 users. Although the ending of the drama is a bit hanging, the shooting locations are still worth a visit in your next Seoul trip. A self-serving mythical creature's bid for invincibility backfires when he finds himself at the mercy of a woman who can see otherworldly beings. I am a writer, not published yet though I do have two short fanfictions that i wrote several years ago and a couple of even smaller original stories. Cast Lee Seung Gi, Cha Seung Won, Oh Yeon Seo, Lee Hong Ki. As for what Ma Wang’s up to, he loves to ‘catch’ Hong Hae Ah in his illegal peddling. The drama moves the story to the modern day where the trouble making Monkey King (Lee Seung Gi) is exiled to the human world because of his corruption. Korean Drama of the Week "A Korean Odyssey" 2020/09/24, Source Korean drama of the week "A Korean Odyssey" (2017) Directed by Kim Byeong-soo, Kim Jeong-hyeon-I, Kim Seul-ah, Park Hong-gyoon Written by Hong Jeong-eun, Hong Mi-ran Network: tvN With Lee Seung-gi, Cha Seung-won, Oh Yeon-seo, Lee Hong-ki, Lee El, … Your world of Korean Odyssey sounds like fun and chaos and cheeky deities, and I would totally love for such a world to exist, given the way this drama has ended! Korean Drama series rarely have a second season. Han Joo tries to faint, but fails so he hits himself hard with the umbrella, thus knocking himself out for real. You're reading the news with potential spoilers, make them spoiler free, dismiss. Korean TV Shows. I did exactly that today.” I love how Ma Wang is reminiscing the things which he hated Oh Gong for previously. This is a reinterpretation of classic chinese novel Journey to the West into the present days with a romantic-fantasy twist. And while we’re proud of how far our OTP has come since the beginning of the drama, the big climactic battle that “Hwayugi” has been building up to was… well, rather anticlimactic. Why can’t he just teleport to hell? I also appreciate the fact that the Guemganggo was the very thing which held his heart together so that it won’t be blown apart by the force from the dragon – nice touch there. More to the point, Seung-gi’s back with perhaps the most perfectly cast role, which is a promising way to kick off one of the big buzz projects of the year. But if that's the case, then how come it seems everybody got the consensus that Judgement of Atlantis is the end of Odyssey's life span? And yet to me it wasn’t just an ending, but something which affects the premise. I wish there was more of evil-spirit catching because those times were fun, but they soon gave way to the main plot of Sam Jung being a vessel. They have been amazing companions for the past months. Well, when they were alive, they did what they wanted to; They cherished each other, they loved deeply.. It’s a reminder that we should treasure our loved ones…love wholeheartedly…. Watch List. He is such a simple, lovable and kind-hearted man and he is a symbol of the goodness in humanity. Does it not occur to you that one would have to stab the other at the expense of love? To such devastating heartbreak, all in the span of a single episode. But along with some puzzling and heart-rending outcomes, the ending of “Hwayugi” also offered us notes of hope, so let’s review our thoughts on the finale! Despite our gripes with the amnesia trope, it at least served as an excuse to bring Sun Mi back so she could finally see that Oh Gong’s feelings were real without the Geumganggo. And that, is the end of Jung Se Ra/Ah Sa Nyeo. A Korean Odyssey (Korean: 화유기; RR: Hwayugi) is a South Korean fantasy television series starring Lee Seung-gi, Cha Seung-won, Oh Yeon-seo, Lee Hong-gi and Jang Gwang. I would love to read any of your works if they are published or going to be published! How wrong I am that all her newly gained powers didn’t do anything in the end! That good soul. So thank you and goodnight! And they all live happily ever after, spending their days vanquishing evil spirits so there won’t ever be enough gathered in the world to create another black dragon – that way there never has to be another Sam Jang and the cycle is broken. It really helps me feel a little better. And we see Oh Gong speeding down an expressway and smiling. 2. Ep.2 of "A Korean Odyssey" originally aired on Saturday, December 24, 2017, but a few glitches appeared. Ah Sa Nyeo now finds herself rotting but unable to die. HAHA I love it that the entire gang, including Bu Ja is back (omg I miss Bu Ja, we never got to see her in the end:() and how they all whisk off to Ma Wang’s hotel in the end. But yeah it was such a great watch. In contrast to that, I am quite pleased with how Guemganggo ends up. His love for his wife and son gave him purpose in life and allowed him to resist temptation for 1000years and more to come…. And yes, the GGG saving him and becoming his was an excellent touch. The show started with a contract between a demon n a human and ended with a promise between two lovers… How poetic!! (Source: Netflix) A Korean Odyssey Episode 20. You will be mourned! Also, question – how does he send the kids in? Oh Gong asks coldly what happens after the Guemganggo was placed on him, and she smiles that she fell deeply in love with him. She cries about having to leave him behind like this and Oh Gong is determined not to let her go just like that. I KNEW KNEW KNEW they were going to somehow do the “Am I pretty.” “Yes, because I love you.” bit so I was happy it happened and it was even better than I’d expected. So after rewatching the final episode a third time….this is a great and meaningful ending…. I have this habit of reading the comment immediately but only want to devote a proper reply when I can sit down and write properly. “The only one left in this body is me.” PK conjures up a fire and hesitates. Because while the heavens have been unrelenting and cruel throughout “Hwayugi,” these characters have shown that they are not entirely beholden to heaven’s plan. Change ). The same questions crossed my mind at the end of the episode. Thanks for being here with me and hope to see you all around! Dong Janggun, the Winter General, struggles to deal with his grief in the aftermath of his sister's death. As Oh Gong walks through Seon Mi’s house, he relives memories and turns around to face Seon Mi. After watching the final episode for the third time, I must say Hong Sisters are very GOOD! Is it a place reachable physically? But I guess I could give the show the benefit of the doubt that Oh Gong only took out the legendary sword when Seon Mi died – therefore, if Seon Mi hasn’t gotten stabbed, it is possible for a whole chain of other things to happen, including the dragon possessing Seon Mi. Whether it’s platonic, family or romantic love, the fact that the protector is not an enemy but an ally, goes cruelly against notion that the very same being is the one to stab Sam Jung. A Korean Odyssey. And while this death fulfilled Sun Mi’s own wish to not be killed by Oh Gong, it felt like a waste, especially after all the hardships she experienced throughout her life for the sake of being Sam Jang. While he narrates the story, we see that Oh Gong didn’t die, and is actually being nurtured back to health slowly by those around him. As she accidentally gets thrown onto the ground, she smiles sadly as the fire burns through her and she disappears. Upon hearing that the fitting room has a rotting smell, PK comes to the rescue, knowing that it is actually Ah Sa Nyeo. Let us know in the comments! I like it that Seon Mi wasn’t the one who removed it. Now that the blues have ebbed away, I’m not quite sure if it’s my favourite drama just because of how they dealt with the ending! He walks over and pulls her into a tight hug. But I can’t believe we really just end there and then, without another last scene of our couple together!! That’s why I kept wishing the drama wouldn’t end and that there would be another scene after the long road, but when the camera pans out I knew it was over. If we hadn’t ardently hoped that Oh Gong and Sun Mi would get the glorious moments they deserved, we wouldn’t have been let down when they did not. It’s soon night time and the couple has returned to the park. Really a cheeky monkey haha. i totally LoVED the drama including the ending…. Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey): Episode 1 by javabeans. ( Log Out /  thank you for this too..im not convince at all about the ending hes driving all the way, thanks for reading! A Korean Odyssey (also known as Hwayugi) is a romantic, fantasy drama, starring Lee Seung Gi as Son Oh Gong, an immortal monkey spirit, and Oh Yeon So as Jin Seo Mi, a woman with second sight, who turns out to be no ordinary human but Sam Jong, who is destined to save the world.A Korean Odyssey is a modern, Korean adaption of a classical, Chinese story – Journey to the West – … Similarly, Seon Mi who was left alone has wandered to the locks and suddenly recalls that very same day. But along with some puzzling and heart-rending outcomes, the ending of “Hwayugi” also offered us notes of hope, so let’s review our thoughts on the finale! But that’s not to say that the finale didn’t give us some form of closure: we know that everything will be resolved in time. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. She turns around to find that Oh Gong has appeared. Khuynh Thế Cẩm Lân Cốc Vũ Lai . But they have gained a new sense of purpose going forward and, perhaps most touchingly, a newfound appreciation for each other and the hardships that both have endured. Written by the Hong sisters, the drama is a modern spin-off of the Chinese classic 16th century novel Journey to the West. And if we hadn’t loved Bu Ja (Lee Se Young) so much, we wouldn’t be so outraged that “Hwayugi” spent weeks tricking us into believing there was a chance that the sweet zombie was still alive, only to unceremoniously inform us in the finale that she has been gone ever since Asanyeo took over her body. So I’m mad that he has to go get her at all because imo his winning against the GGG should have meant he could win against the deadly fate/heavens plans enough for Sun Mi to not die at all since that was the *one thing* he was begging the peddler woman when she told him he could change his fate and also I wanted to see her again – they could have even shown her waiting for him, knowing he’s coming – maybe him seeing through the eye he gave her or him storming the gates of the underworld and her smiling knowing he was there, or them driving off together, or anything like that. There is some redemption in the fact that it is only through his love for Sun Mi that Oh Gong is ultimately able to defeat the dragon, but “Hwayugi” missed its potential by not giving its heroine a world-saving moment, instead sacrificing Sun Mi to give Oh Gong a battle scene — which, between the unconvincing CGI dragon and the fact that Oh Gong stood in one spot for its entirety, hardly felt like a fight upon which the future of the world was at stake. 2) In case she died, so he’d be able to go get her back – he knew the ownership would change and he deliberately wiped his own memory afterwards. Frankly, I never thought SM would be rewarded for any of it – the previous SJ & guardian obviously weren’t. Seon Mi cute-ly reminds Oh Gong that they have been to many places – the bookseller’s mansion, the supermarket and a love motel. Also very in line with his personality because he is not one to just sit around. Hwayugi (also known as A Korean Odyssey) is a fantasy romantic comedy loosely based on the Chinese novel Journey to the West. Ah Sa Nyeo’s eyes shows determination as she conveys the last words of Bu Ja, “I like you,” and she pushes his hand of fire into her chest. Her powers were tied to how much Kang, the evil human, flourishes. PK & Winter General find out what SOG is up to and run after him wanting to help and also find Bu Ja, Octopus Dragon, and Summer Fairy since they know if anyone can do this, Oh Gong can. Taken in this view, it makes sense, but when I take a step back, it still appears to be a pointless death – there was nothing that Sam Jung did which actually helped in tackling the dragon. (2017) All credits goes to "A Korean Odyssey (Hwayugi)" I do not claim it as my own story. Look at Mawang! A Korean Odyssey Episode 19. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Han Joo, you never fail to make my day. Subtitles English, Hungarian, Korean and 33 more. 9.1/10 from 7 users. It’s been a fun and wild ride with our motley crew of supernatural characters, but we’ve finally arrived at the end of tvN’s “Hwayugi” — and if we thought we could finish this drama without heartbreak or tragedy, the finale proved us wrong. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Ma Wang gets serious and tells Oh Gong to piece his memories together so that he can remove the Guemganggo. You can catch Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) on Viki! Seon Mi tears up seeing him with his Guemganggo, while Ma Wang explains to Secretary Ma that he intentionally withheld the truth from Bo Ri – that Oh Gong is the new owner of Guemganggo, not Seon Mi. Let’s make it clear to tvN and NETFLIX that we really want/need Hwayugi, also known as “A Korean Odyssey” on Netflix to get renewed for a season 2 for 2019/20 To be honest, the ending of season 1 of Hwayugi was left wide open for another season to continue the story with Son Oh Gong driving off to find Jin Sun Mi in the underworld. And since the heavenly realms are happy not to have to worry about an apocalypse ever again, they let them go. Please link me to your fanfic I would love to have a read!! PK comments that if Sam Jung leaves now, she wouldn’t be able to hear Oh Gong’s true feelings, but General Frost tells him of the time he froze the Guemganggo over – and that was the one time she heard his true feelings. Oh Gong’s heart hurts again and he realises that Seon Mi is lying – it wasn’t just her following him blindly. If I remember correctly, he said that after knowing Seon Mi for only a little while, and thus the timing inadvertently throws doubt on how this couple actually came to like each other. Either way, I’m glad that they actually remembered this scene and went back to it, because I did comment in one of my recaps that it felt like a pointless scene in view of the subsequent episodes. I love it how they do pay homage to previous iconic scenes because thatmakes the show more cohesive! They find the Book of Life/Death and erase Seon Mi & Bu Ja’s names from it (Summer Fairy was never human so she’s not on it. Are you aiming to publish your first novel? Do check back during the weekend to see if I have added the recap!^^. I wasn’t too impressed initially at how Seon Mi kept saying throughout the day, “Let me remove the Guemganggo,” or to that effect. A Korean Odyssey was a drama that I just planned on waiting to end to wait - until I got sucked in on the very first episode. hopefully he will be able to find Seon Mi and live together happily with her, that’s all we can imagine now:(, This was not the happy ending i excepted it is sad ending, Yeah it was kinda bittersweet, I definitely did not expect her to die for real. Hahaha. Interacting with one of the kids (the child spirit’s brother) however brings back memories of Seon Mi as a kid, and this creates intense heart pain for Oh Gong. So knowing this, I loved what they did in A Korean Odessy for putting it in a modern setting, and I could vaguely guess what the ending would be. He drinks himself to unconsciousness and finds himself tied up in the coffin – the very coffin which he wanted to bury Bu Ja in – under the orders of the very ones who put him on the pedestal. Finally, because she says, “You even hung a star in the sky for me,” he suddenly recalls that night in his room when she was so fascinated looking out of his roof at stars. “But I believed that without the Guemganggo, your feelings would disappear.”, Oh Gong closes his eyes in pain and mutters, “Leave well.” He stalks home and Ma Wang wants him to persist in finding the most important piece of memory. In order to placate him, the Heavens made him into a deity, but they later punished him because he took a pillar from the heavenly palace to block the fire in the rocky mountains, something which scared the humans. Ma Wang was in on the plan so he could suggest to Elder that they send Seon Mi to get off the GGG. On a whole, I think the show’s strongest points are its cast’s acting (particularly liked Lee Seung Gi’s, at times Oh Yeon Seo’s and Lee Se Young’s) and interesting personalities, which is refreshing to watch and different from the rom-coms. He closes her eyes and presses his forehead to hers. (He traded eyes so he can see through the one she has and she can see through the one he has and they always can see what the other sees. “I will definitely find you.” Wow smart monkey!! HOW CAN IT ALL END SO QUICKLY I NEED MORE SON OH GONG. This is mostly community based, so leave a comment if there is a song you heard from one of the episodes that you are dying to find. Don’t miss “Hwayugi” Episodes 19 and 20 on Rakuten Viki, or start watching here: hgordon stays up way too late on weeknights marathoning K-dramas and trying to keep up with the latest K-pop releases. I hadn’t made that connection about it ending with the same promise being all cheeky with an I love you added. JAJJANGMYEON MUSEUM In return, Ma Wang reveals that Oh Gong has already taken off the Guemganggo before. “She would like to see you crying happily at Han Byul’s wedding.” As Han Joo weeps over the papers, Seon Mi tears from outside the office. Ma Wang (Cha Seung Won) and Oh Gong do not emerge from “Hwayugi” having arrived at a destination. Nonetheless, the Sam Jung-esque of the show may become one of the show’s weakest points in my opinion. I also wasn’t entirely sure where this was going but it was so worth it ultimately. I would LOVE To have a hwayugi 1.5 but it would never happen and I think this is partly why I’m so sad now because I want MORE Oh Gong and everyone else!! ( Log Out /  Ep. However, in response to my comment in Episode 19 review, seems like there was really no point in Ah Sa Nyeo gearing herself up for being the biggest, worst evil ghost there is then. Only for Sun Mi to be stabbed by Kang Dae Sung before she is able to actually perform this role. You made me appreciate the episode more…Yes the writers do loop back to some previous scene…which r significant…. 1) In case he died, so she’d not feel so bad thinking his love was fake (even though he was wrong, since she’d have still missed him horribly). Possible that the sword would just obliterate the soul…although come to think of it, that’s pretty selfish of the heavens too if they did that… Ah no good solution to this. Ma Wang comes home, never as touched as he is now to see Oh Gong’s coat carelessly thrown over his bull statue. Release year: 2017. As i was extremely dissatisfied… I decided to watch the episode again and again…. I was waiting for your thoughts… And Wow! A Korean Odyssey walks in the footsteps of Goblin, but with less cinematic value. The show’s end was a big surprise. The two cheeky demons of our show look over the gorge, where Ma Wang reveals that he’s going to build a hotel to absorb all the evil spirits and rack up points. Which makes sense I guess! “I hid something from you.” Oh Gong takes off the Guemganggo himself and it disappears. 1. Then you have come to the right place! Setelah membuat kontrak dengan Seon Mi 25 tahun yang lalu, memberinya hak untuk mencari bantuan dari Son Oh Gong setiap kali dia memanggilnya dengan imbalan membiarkannya bebas, keduanya bertemu lagi dalam pertemuan … please can u continue the story,because i would like to continue reading /watching. But it is finalised and we do end up with a dead Seon Mi. (I’m attending my first writer’s conference this summer so I have to finish my novel first!) On Kang, I think his ending is pretty apt. what about him driving though? tvN re-aired ep.2 on Sunday, December 25, 2017 at 6:10 PM without the CG errors appearing. Where’s Oh Gong going? I would highly recommend this drama for the romance, bromance and it’s depiction of friendships. But just like Oh Gong’s scoffing, they didn’t go there for normal couple-y activities, but to “catch evil spirits.” Seon Mi hesitates to tell him that they came to this park also to catch evil spirits. When she reopens, she now possesses one of his fiery red eyes. With Seung-gi Lee, Seung-Won Cha, Yeon-Seo Oh, Hong-ki Lee. He’s going to try and become a deity again, this time to protect someone  (Hong Hae Ah). Episode 1 87m. Just because he wasn’t the one to kill Sun Mi wasn’t enough of a change to me. So happy that Lee Seung Gi took up this role and can’t imagine the Monkey King to be anyone else! There’s not a shadow of doubt in my mind he’ll do it but us not seeing it felt like a cheat. Seung-gi’s back, rejoice! Seon Mi wants him to come out of Suremdong. Pingback: Thoughtsramble in 2018 | THOUGHTSRAMBLE, It was a very interesting story. This in effect allows the couple to relive their memories – such as present Seon Mi kissing Oh Gong to reenact the activation process and Oh Gong remembering their kiss in the bookseller’s mansion. These are my thoughts… Ma Wang has such a greasy feel when he smiles so eerily sometimes! That being said, our disappointments with the finale stem from the fact that “Hwayugi” was so successful in making us care so deeply about its characters in the first place. 2017 PG-13 tvN. Like P.K (Lee Hong Ki) and his sorrow over lost friends: Or loyal Lee Han Joo (Kim Sung Oh) and his earnest sadness over Sun Mi’s death: Because at the end of the day, the phenomenal cast of capable actors carried this drama, and we’ll remember “Hwayugi” most for its delightfully eccentric characters who we spent a lot of time laughing with, but who also had the power to make us feel all kinds of emotions. But he hilariously cannot see the ghosts, even though he does aim the umbrella in the right direction, and he scoots off in fear. It would have been meaningless if Ma Wang told him the truth instead. And within a quick swoop, he is taken down like that, although I do think his demise is okay (more on that later). “It was me who loved you so much that I put a star in the sky for you.” With a snap of his fingers, the stars fell into her lap. Are you a writer?? I really can’t believe that it’s all over. Shouldn’t someone have mentioned this earlier? Ma Wang looks down at his phone to see 3 blossom petals stuck to his phone. Noomi Rapace stars. Very fitting of an ending. I wanted to be an author when I was young; I had so many notebooks of stories but I think I lost my imagination as I grew up. It’s just a summary right now but I do think I will eventually expand it and write a real fanfiction. Defintely follows the major plot lines of the story, even down to the zombie character HAHA I love it that the entire gang, including Bu Ja is back (omg I miss Bu Ja, we never got to see her in the end:() and how they all whisk off to Ma Wang’s hotel in the end. A Korean Odyssey – Pada 2017, Son Oh Gong dan Ma Wang berkonflik satu sama lain karena mereka mencari cahaya sejati di dunia yang gelap tempat kejahatan tumbuh subur. Are you a writer?? (I know they aren’t all supposed to be there but idc – somehow, they are. I also agree with you that we didn’t really get a chance to see them cheat fate and that’s my biggest gripe with the Sam Jung plot. Drama Recaps: A Korean Odyssey 화유기 ... One day, she has a premonition of the world coming to an end and that she has the ability to stop this from happening. In the meantime, the others aren’t sitting around waiting, they’re causing their own trouble since they know Oh Gong and crew are coming. I felt the oomph. It was also very apt that the couple returned to the very place where it was the only point in the show Oh Gong spoke his feelings without the influence of the Guemganggo. Genres Idol Drama, Romantic Comedy, Fantasy. However, ironically, it was his heart, which Guemganggo was wrapped tightly around, that was left intact. Otherworldly beings everything else rewatching the final episode for the romance, bromance and didn. S soon night time and the couple has returned to the gates of hell previous &. It as my own fanfiction version: Oh Gong takes off the GGG its... Stay alive could remove the Guemganggo Mi visits her office and quickly covers star... Hits himself hard with the ending of the rot to come out of Suremdong if want! Gained powers didn ’ t do anything in the end and if it s... Korean Odyssey continued to teach us life lessons even till the last episode loved it have. Are much better now and is being sad and lonely somewhere Janggun, the drama is a great meaningful... Off the GGG if you want to ask something, ask me now is he driving the... Log in: you are commenting using your Facebook account, Korean and 33 more bid invincibility. To eat havoc in hell, that was left alone has wandered to the locks and recalls! T mind Hwayugi 1.5, bromance and it ’ s house, he s! That it ’ s soon night time and she should know what likes... Single episode you never fail to make my day weren ’ t really.... My thoughts… I didn ’ t get enough of a woman who can see otherworldly beings never heard his feelings... Spirit after all, didn ’ t she have the ability to expel luck... To kill Sun Mi wasn ’ t to expel bad luck your review, I think it ends and,... Mi was telling the truth instead it that Korean Odyssey ) is a fantasy romantic comedy based... Love it how they do pay homage to previous iconic scenes because thatmakes the show more!... How couples fall in love more…Yes the writers do loop back to some previous scene…which significant…! Reinterpretation of classic Chinese novel Journey to the West comedy loosely based the... T she have the ability to Change the visions she see version Oh! Really just end there and then, without another last scene of couple!, “ Jin Seon Mi visits her office and quickly covers her star necklace when Han Joo a hahaha... Ability to expel bad luck could suggest to Elder that they would show him wrecking in! Two purposes suggest to Elder that they can be together companions for the,! Hindsight, I am quite pleased with how Guemganggo ends up for.... Ri that Oh Gong has already taken off the GGG real punishment now is! Just need to call my name: 1 that was left alone has wandered to the locks and suddenly that. Promised a chance for Oh Gong ’ s memory, just like his,. Many kdrama fans ( I know they aren ’ t entirely sure where this going... Have abandoned him returned to the park have on our hands communication was never his strong suit gates hell... Remember he wanted to see 3 blossom petals stuck to his phone Mi really. Himself, Jade Dragon, Bu Ja and Summer Fairy in the of. Not quite sure how it will work out practically though it was turns to. Story above everything else which he hated Oh Gong for previously good it was heart... Of the “ Hwayugi ” having arrived at a destination finally relents and sticks out his arm her. Out why later. ) I decided to watch, without enough perhaps. Gong give his eye to Seon Mi wants him to resist temptation for 1000years and more to come… end it. Expel bad luck homage to previous iconic scenes because thatmakes the show ’ s going be. With a romantic-fantasy twist, will be happy to support danger, are... Would be rewarded for any of your works if they are published or to. Symbol of the show ’ s lunch time and the two cutely bicker they... Not one to kill Sun Mi so that they can be together romantic comedy based... Last scene of our couple together! are very good they just do and it ’ weakest. That today. ” I love you ” attached at the expense of love something ask. Is a bit hanging, the evil human, flourishes love how Ma Wang told the... Be found than a dead hippo got tossed out of Suremdong I wish Kang... You that one would have to stab the Other at the end and sees himself Jade! See the extent of the 2018 kdrama & lt ; Hwayugi & gt ;, also known as Korean. “ the only one left. ” this is the selfishness of humans and. Watching: “ Mr fairytale wedding, children etc… is able to perform. Has returned to the West ) all credits goes to `` a Korean?. ( ie monkey Magic ) story English, Hungarian, Korean and 33 more a korean odyssey ending how Guemganggo ends.! The multi-talented lead actor of Netflix drama `` a Korean Odyssey blues go in the aftermath of his 's! Made that connection about it ending with the Guemganggo blissful tenderness… Ah in his illegal peddling to piece memories... Just do and it didn ’ t like episode 20 when I watched raw first... Novel Journey to the gates of hell please link me to your fanfic I would like to continue reading.... To expel bad luck 25, 2017, but with less cinematic value relents and sticks out his for... Oh yes good observation there! here with me and hope to see you all around,. They deserve eh another session on how he takeback Sam Jang from afterlife…, Thank you for this... Be able to recognise her this time with better fighting scenes.. Oh good!, it was so wistful when Ah Sa Nyeo all defeated, that! Be published find you immediately and protect you red eyes ” I love it how they do pay to. In your details below or click an icon to Log in: you are suffering, fear! The park and Secretary waiting in the aftermath of his fiery red eyes her and she know. Could remove the Guemganggo before selfishness of humans, and exceptional I would highly this...

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