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Origin: Africa Horn Size: 24-39 inches Weight: 300-600 pounds Estimated World Population: 200,000 Ox Ranch Population: 15 Waterbucks are among the largest antelopes in the … Hunting a free-range waterbuck can be very challenging. 72. Taxidermy For Sale - African Waterbuck mount SW5952. Waterbuck Hunting Season: Waterbuck may be hunted year round at the Ox Ranch! An old Waterbuck bull is without a doubt one of the most cunning trophies to hunt. $1,199.99. Due to their unique concave elastic hooves, bighorn are able to climb the steep, rocky terrain of the desert mountains with speed and agility. However, hunting in South Africa mainly occurs on small The Best Rifle Calibers for hunting Waterbuck! We found no significant trends in the trophy size of Cape buffalo, Greater kudu and sable (p > 0.05) for the period 2004–2015 (Fig 2A, 2C and 2D). Every hunting party receives individual attention, and this helps us to give each of our clients a unique African experience they will treasure for the rest of their lives. Only von Brandis & Reilly (2007, 2008) previously reported on horn size trends of African ungulates, in South Africa. A very popular species to hunt and a must for those hunters interested in collecting the spiral family. 60. 28. Large, symmetrical horns measure 29" with heavy bases, making this a true trophy. Waterbuck Trophy Hunting in South Africa. Description: Large antelope (reminiscent of a red deer in size and looks) with a height of 130 cm and a weight of 200 - 250 kg. You’ll never hunt this large antelope species far from a water source or floodplain. Enjoy the best African hunting experience ever. The hills are almost mountains and are covered in everything from dense spekboom and buffalo thorn to stands of tall wild plum and gum trees.’" ... An impressive waterbuck trophy. Trophy The common waterbuck is found along Africa’s south-east along the larger river regions or in water rich regions such as Botswana (northern), Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia (Caprivi Zipfel), Somalia, South Africa* (north-eastern), Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique* * Top trophy destinations Beware! Due to the waterbuck’s size, it is a good idea to use a relative hard-hitting calibre when hunting these animals. Great hunting trophy for the man cave or trophy room. Water Buffalo Mount. 22 7/8. WATERBUCK. The initial values for the waterbuck population are as follows: b … Black Wildebeest can be very aggressive when wounded. Jason said, "I was taken aback by the sheer size of the Kudu Ridge grounds and the beauty of the surrounding hills; it is in a stunning location. mature population size (assuming a 70% mature population structure) is estimated to be at least 14,392– ... Waterbuck are used for food, trophy hunting and live animal sales. We Believe “Man has the right to enjoy the fruits of creation, and hunting is one of his ways and means. Its sheer size makes it the #1 priority on many safaris. WILDEBEEST - BLACK. $1,599.99. South Africa places no seasonal restrictions on waterbuck hunting, which means that you can enjoy an exciting and rewarding waterbuck hunt year round. The trophy quality of a bull is determined by good bases, a steep rise forming a "bell" and tips either pointing straight up or flaring outwards. The .270 caliber is minimal, but the 7mm Magnum or one of the big .30 calibers with good expanding bullets are a much better choice. Waterbuck Hunting and Trophy Bulls available to hunt at Great Letaba Safaris in Gravelotte, South Africa. The beauty and artistry of an outstanding taxidermy trophy is our passion. Broad heads Suggested broad heads for bow hunting waterbuck in South Africa would be a … They are skittish in nature and seeing any around the ranch is a … 67. $2800.00 all inclusive (Trophy fees included) 6 Nights and 5 Days hunting 1 x Blue Wildebeest 1 x Waterbuck 3 x Impala 2 x Baboon Our management hunts takes place in the Limpopo province of South Africa, only 1 hour north of Polokwane where your Professional Hunter will meet you and drive you to the hunting area. It is the oldest known skill, and if it is lost to him through neglect or emotion, or mistaken interpretation of the laws of nature, then man will be weakened. Scientists are trying to understand and predict changes in the size of waterbuck populations using models. They usually remain in small herds, and males will aggressively defend their territories. They are the largest of the kob antelopes in the Bovidae family. Here you can get info regarding trophy sizes, measurement techniques and records from the leading record books Plains Game Trophy Minimums – SCI and Rowland Ward *Measurements in inches SCI ROWLAND WARD Species Name MINIMUM MINIMUM BOW MINIMUM Blesbok 40 35 16 1/2 Bontebok 37 32 14 Buffalo – Cape or Southern 101 90 […] 39 1/4. African Warthog Mounts. Trophy Hunting Waterbuck. It was interesting to see that even as far back as 1981 Rhinos were sold as a “Price on Request” (POR) species. The waterbuck has a long-haired, often shaggy brown-gray coat that emits a smelly, greasy secretion thought to … 1. The waterbuck, among the largest antelopes in the world, has a long-haired, often shaggy brown-gray coat that emits a smelly, greasy secretion thought to be for waterproofing. Baboon Taxidermy Mounts. Although trophy hunting is a particularly well-developed industryinAfricansavannas(Lindseyet al.,2007),trendsin horn size have been little studied in African ungulates. Fax 1(520) 622-1205 Size: 63" tall x 22" wide x 30.75" deepLeft Horn: 31.75"Right Horn: 32.25"Weight: approx 29 lbs.Wall hanger is attached. As the name implies, Waterbuck are fond of water and usually found in close proximity of a permanent water source. The classic trophy to many is a flaring bull with solid white tips. The trophy elk head we received is by far the best taxidermy mount we have ever purchased for our home here in Jackson,Wyoming. Common Waterbuck has a conspicuous white crescent-like ring across the rump. Its sheer size, large and impressive horns sweeping back and hooking forward makes it a very desirable trophy. Weights of mature rams range from 115 to 280 pounds (55 to 90 kg), while ewes are somewhat smaller. The ordinary waterbuck is characterised by a white elliptical ring on the rump, which gave it its descriptive Afrikaans name of kringgat. The size of the trophy will change the price of the animal. Of the four herbivores, only sable had a mean trophy size (98.89 ± 6.34 inches) higher than the SCI minimum score (96 inches) during the period 2004–2015 (t (369) = 8.76, p < 0.001). Affinities and status. Still, it is one of the top ten most wanted South African antelopes among hunters, probably due to its size. Toll Free 1(888) HUNT-SCI. Bushbuck weighs in at around 100 pounds. The waterbuck (Kobus ellipsiprymnus) is a large antelope found widely in sub-Saharan Africa. When hunting waterbuck in Africa, the choice of caliber is important. $1,099.99. About this hunt. Waterbuck Plains Game Hunt. Warthog Mount. INTERESTING HUNTING NOTES: The Waterbuck is a much sought after trophy for many hunters traveling to Africa, with its impressive horns sweeping back and then hooking forward. A big Waterbuck bull is a beautiful addition to any trophy room. General colour grizzled-grey or brown (Crawshay's Waterbuck is greyish blue) with white and light brown markings on head. ... As with his cousin, the blue wildebeest Trophy quality is judged by the size of the boss and the curl. Many hunters regard the kringgat waterbuck as a trophy animal (only the bull has horns) and it is seldom hunted for its meat. Excellent hair with sharp markings and great detailing. Waterbuck are a relatively large antelope species from Africa. Sweat glands, concentrated on the flanks produce a pungent-smelling secretion that is often observed long before the animal itself is seen. Main 1(520) 620-1220. Average shooting distance when hunting waterbuck in South Africa from our bow hunting blinds are seldom further away than 19 to 25 yards from your trophy waterbuck. They are a very beautiful looking animal, very large in size. WATTS TROPHY HUNTING SAFARIS has more than two decades of experience in the hunting and safari industry. read more. A waterbuck bull is a must for any aspiring African hunter. The blesbok and the bontebok (Damaliscus pygargus pygargus) are subspecies of the same species and can readily interbreed, the hybrid offspring being known as the bontebles or baster blesbok; the differences between the two subspecies have arisen due to preferences for different habitats in the wild. Trophy males can weigh 550 to 600 pounds and take a bit of work to get in the salt. Waterbuck tend to feed early mornings and in the evenings so this would be the best time to go after that trophy you looking for! Add a World Record Class South African waterbuck to your trophy collection. Waterbuck trophy records . $4,499.99. ... which had the second-largest tusks ever recorded, life-size. Bushbuck Trophy . Average Size: W. 54” D. 24” H. 28” This Waterbuck Mount For Sale is newly mounted by a professional taxidermist using the most modern procedures today for the finest mount possible. However, to do so would necessitate the extension of the roof of the building to accommodate such a giant trophy - this was something Powell-Cotton did not want to do. Desert bighorn sheep are stocky, heavy-bodied sheep, similar in size to mule deer. Waterbuck Mount. Rowland Ward (XXVII edition 2006) Minimum qualifying value = 28" (71.12 cm) ... social hierarchy based on size and strength, and conflict is f requent. The proportion of animals from wild populations and from private ranches is unknown. This Waterbuck is mounted with the animals head looking straight. 63. 50km Drive to the scenic Kruger National Park, with overnight bush safaris in the park available for the more adventurous. Trophy quality lies in the length of the horns with solid bases. Waterbuck populations in Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique are recovering after a devastating civil war. Hunting Waterbuck in South Africa - Waterbuck have a distinctive white ring on their rump. Large Stuffed Hippo Mount. Book Black And White, Deer, Whitetailed Deer, Red Deer, Hunting, Deer Hunting, Tshirt, Silhouette transparent background PNG clipart size: 1280x1881px filesize: 89.91KB White-tailed deer Antler Flower Drawing, deer transparent background PNG clipart size: 479x750px filesize: 308.59KB $6,700.00. The waterbuck, with his luxurious shaggy coat, white-circled rump and forward-facing horns, makes for a truly beautiful trophy. WATERBUCK. Only the males have horns. The African waterbuck is a large antelope found in Western, Eastern, and Southern Africa. Safariworks Taxidermy Sales offers quality African mounts and skins. Males are slow to mature, not being sexually mature until around 6 years of age, and not reaching trophy size for at least 9-10 years. Many of these species are sold on a sliding scale depending on their size, age and trophy quality.

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