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Trocchi derives from these earlier designs to produce a more casual slab serif. Free Meth Handmade Font. Its proportions seek to gain space in height and width. Whatever the reason is, we thought that highlighting some of the Best Script Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding and Logo Design would go a long way towards helping you add a new tool you can use to impress your clients. Magehand make good fonts for logos. Free fonts, as well as popular fonts, can be downloaded online once you have made your choice. Check out these options, Top greeting card mockup templates and designs to pick from, Credit card template mockups that you can download in PSD format, Free Macbook mockup examples to download now, Frame mockup templates you can download today, The best letterhead mockup examples you will find online, The best sticker mockup templates you’ll find online, Fall background images to use in your projects, Marble background images and textures to download right now, Metal background images and textures for your projects, Rustic background images to download for your designs, Neat stars background images for stellar designs, Space background images and textures you can’t work without, Resources for designers and web developers. Berlin makes a good font for logos with a geometric feel. Measuring brand-appropriateness is not an easy task, but neither is it an impossible one. There are two broad groups of fonts to consider: serifs and sans serifs. This calligraphy font is free for personal use and a commercial licence will set you back just $13. DUMA is a sans that is characterized with long legs and very extended shape. Royalty-Free. Brandon Grotesque is a sans serif font which has a rounded appearance. Created in 2010 by font designer Hannes von Döhren this font has frequently been used for packaging and label designs. Font designer Mark Simonson produced this font family in 2005. This font package includes Greek and Latin characters as well as numbers and symbols. Designed by Kimmy Kirkwood, the font comes with a base layer, top layer, and extrude fonts providing designers with 18 options to choose from. Welcome to day 3 of freebie week on Designrfix. Designed by Fenotype, simply write your text with different layer-fonts and colors and then stack them on top of one another. The bold fonts can be used to create cool and interesting logos. This professional logo font is often used in posters, headlines, comics and magazines. A fresh decorative geometric grotesque with a hint of Art Deco and constructivism. Check out the Supreme font, What Font Does Twitter Use In The App And Browser? The style is vintage grunge with textured surfaces and there are six different styles to choose from. This font has a historical appeal and is inspired by the Caslon font of the 1600’s. The font is fun, modern and comes with 376 glyphs as well as 161 alternate characters. Campton comes in nine weights with matching italics and is equipped with a wide range of opentype features, making it a great design font. Slab serifs shape this interesting font and it comes in a variety of different weights. The font makes a great choice when it comes to logos, headlines and letterheads. In the process of finding the finest legibility, particular features emerged making this whimsical sans serif different from the rest, creating an original mark to the text its applied to. Timothy, made by Ksenya Zoltsman, was inspired by the style of designer Timothy Goodman. FF Din was created by Albert-Jan Pool in 1995. Havania is a great design font with feminine appeal. Its character draws inspiration from Gill Sans and Johnston Sans while combining it with contemporary elements to create some cool modern fonts. Check out my Logo Design Academy - an interactive 18-part video course where you will learn my entire creative process for brainstorming logo ideas and bringing them to life. The font family is a strong font most suitable for headlines of all sizes, as well as for text blocks that come in both maximum and minimum variations. One of the cool logo fonts with brush stroke design, this font has a retro style. Emerald is a great choice for fashion companies, clothing and signage. Script logo fonts are both formal and casual typefaces that have the loops and flourishes of script handwriting. Cookie Its ink traps ensure smooth operation even on low quality papers. This font, designed by Alejo Bergmann, features rounded corners and fits perfectly for logos, labels, headlines, prints and much more. Often used in book covers, the font doesn’t contain lower case letters. 3 inscription: normal, bold and italic vertically. Poiret One is a unique typeface with light forms and pure elegance. Berlin is a classic font which comes from the early 20th Century. A script font can add a touch of elegance and class that you can’t get from other types of fonts. More often than rare, it is the typography fonts as well as the logo fonts hat set the tone of the entire project and the element that influences the most how viewers feel about the design and how they interact with it. When paired with a wide range of other font styles, they help create different moods. Choose from over 39K logo fonts to design a unique identity for your next branding project. Nougatine is a titling font inspired by the smell of freshly baked cookies. For this reason Rambla Alt is great when used together with Rambla. Rambla Alt is a humanist sans and the combination makes them the best fonts for designers working with medium-long texts. With every character fitting inside a rectangular frame, the spaces between each letter are defined and consistent, making it one of the best free modern fonts available. Raisa Script has a flowing design which makes it suitable as a logo font. With a full set of upper and lowercase letters, a wide range of punctuation, numerals, as well as multilingual support. Criticism against the Helvetica font centers on the tightly spaced letters. The font has four different styles:  grunge, regular, inline and inline grunge. It is a unique font inspired by late 19th-century industrial fonts with German roots regarding straightness and geometry. Coming up with unique designs for your logo can be difficult. Even better we’ll be going back in time, with fonts ranging from the 1600s until present times. BONN is currently available in 3 weights and free to download. This is not a single, stand-alone font but comes as a family of top fonts. When crowdsourcing or creating a design brief, it is very helpful to make use or Bodoni. SIMPLIFICA Typeface is a slightly condensed sans-serif typeface featured by a uniform and thin line width. Ready for any project. Fonts for Logos. Similar to Campton, this popular font perfectly suited for graphic design applications ranging from editorial, corporate, web, interaction to product design. Inspired by the classic grotesque typefaces – Glober has his own unique style in expressed perfect softened geometric forms. SIMPLIFICA Typeface is a slightly condensed sans-serif typeface featured by a uniform and thin line width. Proving that handwriting fonts aren't all swirly and delicate, Timothy uses block capitals and a chunky marker thickness to add a hand-written touch. Both upper and lowercase letters are included. You’ll search through popular fonts, unique fonts and interesting fonts in what feels like a never ending quest for your perfect choice. Slab serif logo fonts are bolder, louder serifs with large letterforms designed to be seen from a long distance. The Museum of Modern Art in New York considered this type logo to be a symbol of the times and included it in a permanent collection of digital fonts. Publishing and magazine industries make use of this popular font. Definitely one of the best fonts for evoking memories of days gone by, Zorus also makes an excellent choice for print designs. It makes an excellent business font and has often been used in corporate designs as well as small texts. Also, most of the fonts can be used in both your personal and commercial works, others you can only use in personal projects, so please do check the chosen license of each font before you do use them. You can use this great font for website design, logos, start ups and headers. By Jamie Wilson. Fenix is a serif typeface designed for display and long texts, its foundations are based in calligraphy, with strong serifs and rough strokes. One of the great fonts for logos, headings, and banners. The new weights stay true to the style and grace of Bebas with the familiar clean lines, elegant shapes, a blend of technical straightforwardness and simple warmth which make it uniformly ideal for web, print, commerce, and art. Adrift is a clean and simple font which would suit a minimalist designed site, logo or product. Inspired by the combination of a retro style and handwriting style, the Groenly Script comes with many alternative ligature and swash characters giving you the means to invent custom creations. It is also well-suited for short texts and advertising where style is desired. Round edges, smooth edges and vintage designs will enable you to create great designs. Its bubbly appearance would make this an excellent gym font. A narrow slab serif typeface, consisting of Caps, Small Caps, Numerals and Punctuation. It features over 600 unique glyphs, with plenty of swashes available, and a stack of accented letterforms. Extended Latin and Cyrillic. Ornacle has a futuristic design which combines with ancient art. The font comes in 4 versions -Berlin, Berlina, Slaberlin and Uberlin – and you can choose between regular, bold and x-bold. While many look handwritten, the beauty and versatility that a script font can provide can hardly be matched. As a very versatile choice, this is one of the popular cool modern fonts. As a consequence, Choplin could be seen as an immediate companion to the Campton Family. While other font styles may get their designs with assistance from books or guides on how to understand and practice these fonts, the fonts from the 60s and 70s ignored the standard way and the result was a carefree and “groovy” design. Obviously, you could experiment and look for a range of creative fonts, but that’s not exactly the best practice in regular branding. When involved in a branding project, the priority task is to choose the best logo fonts possible to’ obtain an impressive result. If you are designer searching for logo fonts to communicate a brand’s message, you know that this is never an easy task. Fonts designers have come up with a great vintage style design font which is both aesthetic and readable. As a sans serif font this is one of the best design fonts for logos and social messages. The package comes in two different styles:  emerald or splatter. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. LEAGUE SPARTAN. It makes a great business font and comes in four different styles (regular, medium, bold and roughened). 22. Font designer Jean M Wojciechowski created Axis as a sans serif font. The font can be used in all areas of graphic design and is frequently used on t-shirts, badges and print designs. Designed by Herb Lubalin in 1974, the ITC Lubalin Graph is a strong font with a geometric appearance. These are top fonts for logo designs and fashion brands, labels or product headers. Kia motors, television channel ITV, Virgin Trains and the British Labour Party have all used this font as part of their branding or advertising campaigns. The font combines vintage elegance and simplicity with modern curves to create a unique font that can be used for a variety of different purposes, including simple logo designs and headings in articles. Bowlist Logo Type. It includes the right choice of typefaces, line height, line spacing, and letter spacing. Blacker. This was one of the best fonts to use during the 1990s and remains popular. The company went bankrupt in 1993. The font is bubbly, fresh and cute. Click to find the best 247 free fonts in the Creative style. It has also been used on Swiss passports from 1985. Designed by Lian Types, the groovy font recaptures the essence and colorful qualities of fonts from that era. Sometimes those will be casual, other times serious, but in all cases, end viewers should see the exact same thing you’re trying to tell them. With its clear and detailed form and its impression of steadiness, this is one of the best fonts to use for all styles of design. Univers was designed by Adrian Frutiger in 1954 and makes a cool font for logos. The Proxima Nova typeface family are a re-invention of the Proxima Nova Sans which was created in 1994. With a wide range of variations on each character, including OpenType alternatives, you can easily customize the design to suit your needs. My criteria for choosing these fonts is that they must have a hand drawn, personalized signature sort of look. In addition, it has an extended range of alternative glyphs, ligatures and OpenType features which provide flexibility and uniqueness wherever it is placed. With three base fonts and four-layer options for each font, plus a set of extra swashes for the font along with layers as well, the Corner Deli typeface packs everything you need into one easy-to-use package. Choplin is a modern and clear geometric slab serif with a sturdy heart. Guaranteed to deliver a loud, proud, and carefree message with its design, Black Diamond is a single font that is packed with great features. As modern vintage designs become increasingly popular, this logo font will help you to fit in with current trends. Food Fonts … You can use this font in either italic or standard designs. Perfect for branding, packaging, or as a text overlay or social media posts, the Northwell font, designed by Sam Parrett, the design is meant to allow the font to present itself with a hint of charm and a personal touch. With our list of the Best Script Fonts for Branding and Logo Design, we’d like to think that you agree with us and hopefully take one of our suggestions on the next project you’re working on. 23. 02. These are good fonts for great readability and they’ll give your work an elegant appearance which will wow your viewers. Logo fonts are essential for the visual appearance of your brand name. With its raw, edgy, and attitude-filled design, Black Diamond is not your run of the mill brush font. Browse over 39,000 fonts to download and use in design projects of all kinds for web and print. It is an ideal font for newspapers. We all remember the coolest fonts from the ‘70s disco era, and how they reminded us of balloon animals. This set boasts two fonts, 46 logo templates, 200 hand-drawn illustrations, 8 .PNG watercolors, 12 overlays, and a whole lot of Bohemian flair. By this, we mean that you have to choose fonts that people find easy to read, and such that help them establish a connection with you and understand your services – if you’re designing for an investment brokerage or a firm offering legal assistance, the best logo fonts should be nowhere close to curlicue or clunky. Here is a selected list of such fonts. The font is applicable for large signs, labels, titles, headlines and any type of graphic design on the web, in motion graphics, or in print – from t-shirts to posters and is a good font for logos. Basically, what we’re trying to say here is that the best fonts for logos are the ones that match their blueprints, and set the right mood to match their client’s personality. It is characterized by excellent legibility in both – web & print design areas, well-finished geometric designs, optimized kerning, excellent web-font performance and legibility. More importantly, get ready to accept that your idea of stylish and appropriate may not be a match. League Spartan looks impressive in all caps. Highly creative, the font has ornate swashes which connect the first and last letters of words. These special fonts are often not the most popular fonts. The market is packed with creative fonts that look amazing at first sight, but you should give ornamentation a second thought. Remember though that finding a great font is only really a starting point. Canter is an all caps, condensed typeface available in six different weights. We have assembled 30 of the best free logo font choices currently available. Have a look, download the ones you love, and tell us if you’ve used them for your projects! While it conveys all the ancient history of the Latin alphabet it also merges a contemporary feel onto it. By adding them to your collection you’ll have a range of interesting fonts which will add a unique element to your designs. You can find even more creative food-inspired fonts here. This is one of the font designs which based on Roman letters. Meanwhile, linear, straight fonts would look interesting next to haute cuisine. It was designed based on the Campton Family, with the same principles in mind: geometry, simplicity and neutrality. It comes in both regular and italics and is best used in futuristic or galactic designs where it remains a popular font. Created by font designers Fabio Haag and VeronikaBurian in 2006 this is an excellent sans serif font with a bold personality. One more step is needed. These font sets feature hand-drawn, brush, and vector letterforms, along with extra character sets and embellishments for headers, text, and display. Make sure to check if they are free for commercial use or free for perso Stunning Fonts. Maheisa Script is a modern vector font, which was designed to be used for beautiful text in greetings cards, invitations and logos. It comes in both regular and bold styles. Its easy readability means that large volumes of text are easy to digest. The font comes in both regular and mono spaced design styles. It would also make a great font for web design agencies. The Glober font family includes 18 weights – nine uprights with nine italics. You can choose from either inline or filled when using this unique font. This is a classic font family, released in 1989. Maybe your project needs a casual touch to lighten the mood or mimic formal handwriting to give a more professional appearance.

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