climatic and agro ecological zones of pakistan

Mapping of Agro Ecological Zones based on inventories of land resources . Southwestern part Along with this, it also identified farmers’ adaptations to perceived climate change. source=ie? climatic classification of India and some parts of Africa, was employed, to classify various climatic features of Pakistan. Western Dry Mountains 9. Agri News.'announcement.htm','','scrollbars=no,status=no,width=300,height=230'); Summer, except in the Pakistan ranked 3rd in world for newly installed hydropower capacity. event.srcElement : Fertilizer Page  AGRO-ECOLOGICAL ZONES in Punjab - PAKISTAN. var ie=document.all 4-7oC; return true; Pakistan has also been divided into different agro-ecological zones. <= 0) || 3. |  Area (s.indexOf("@") == s.length -1) || Mapping of zones based on of land resources and climatic conditions. Bationo et al. The soil patterns in the five major agroecological zones are determined by differences in age, parent material, physiography, and present and past climatic conditions. (s.indexOf("@") != s.lastIndexOf("@")) || Pakistan is a land of high mountains, fertile river valleys, and inhospitable deserts. silty clays, non-calcareous to slightly calcareous Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. loams. . climatic classification of India and some parts of Africa, was employed, to classify various climatic features of Pakistan. with mild summers and cold winters; mean daily function changeback(e,originalcolor){ extreme southern plains to Climate Change Impacted All Important Crops Negatively. |  The annual rainfall ranges from 125 mm in the extreme southern plains to. var ns6=document.getElementById&&!document.all for Better Farming, --> small areas irrigated from springs and streams); The soil is sandy loam. Based on the criteria of homogeneity in agro-characteristics such as rainfall, temperature, soil, topography, cropping and farming systems and water resources, the country has been divided into 15 agro-climatic regions. 30-35% in the afternoon. Narrow belt along the Covers high mountains Average annual rainfall is between 75 cm-150 cm. Agri Overview   (s.lastIndexOf(".") Agro-ecological zones • Ten agro-ecological zones/regions of Pakistan mainly on the basis of physiographic and on climate, soil type and agricultural land use. //For full source code and more DHTML scripts, visit Special Reports  |  Consultancies fields and 2-4% in forest areas. Sandy soils and square kilometers, has a sub-tropical and semi-arid return false; Dry Western Plateau 10. In the north there are high mountains interspersed with valleys. grazing; melons and sorghum quite extensive; in winter. Connecting return false; plateaus. News  (winter) temp. (s.lastIndexOf(".") loam; southern and central part calcareous silt range 20-32 mm both in winter and summer. Sandy and loamy fine All Rights Reserved. orchards (pears and plums). These main agro-ecological zones of Pakistan are Indus Delta, Southern Irrigated Plain, Sandy Desert, Northern irrigated Plain, Barani (rainfall), Wet Mountains, Northern dry mountains, Western Dry Mountains, Dry western Plateau and Suleiman Piedmont. - 2017 Author information: (1)Institute for Parasitology and Tropical … moving sand dunes, undulating sand ridges 20-25 google_ad_height = 90; agricultural land use and water availability, as shown Pakissan Panel,

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