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that “force” me to play the game within my sub’s limits. If you boil it down like that, pretty much every game doesn’t qualify for p2w, as there is nothing really to win in that sense. Even though there are male / female counterparts like Warrior / Valkyrie and Wizard / Witch, their skills and even playstyle might be very different, so don’t be quick to assume that you have a choice of gender. I mean… An average pleb can make that in 2 days, and a good player in a couple of hours. It is similar with many other asian MMOs, since it’s using a very complex enhancing process, meaning that gear progression is based on upgrading your existing gear to higher levels / stats, and not acquiring hundreds of different gear pieces & combinations, like most theme-park MMOs. For me, this is priceless. It’s worth noting that buying the full game costs 10$ or 5$ on sale, and you may even acquire it for free during special events. If someone is careful however, there’s many in-game ways to get a skill reset, as well as special events, so you don’t have to worry so much about it. Similarly, you can sculpt any different body part to a great extent, ranging from thin to thic – and small to large, catering to all tastes, not like “perfect body defaults” which we are used to in most MMOs. Dabei dreht sich viel um Klassen und zwei neue Gebiete. Hopefully, the “account bound enhancements” you can buy that will help you save a great deal of time are fairly priced (as a quick example, you could get around 150+ storage slots for the same price as an outfit). Of course, a game without RNG is boring, but in BDO’s case, they left too much to RNG. Graphics in Black Desert are unique in every way – and it’s only natural since it’s using its own game engine, specially crafted for BDO and nothing else (for now at least). I’m going to cover what you can expect from the game. There’s a ton of items in BDO, that could easily be a part of an achievement / milestone reward in most theme-park MMOs. Black Desert Online is a buy to play game with no subscription, there is a cash shop called the pearl shop where you can spend money on optional items should you wish, I have not once felt like I am forced to spend any money in the game and most items are not overly expensive compared to other MMOs I have played that do have a subscription. Let’s be honest. I don’t think they heard any bit of the feedback from the previous Mysteries of Summer event. If you like grind, prepare to fall in love, and if you're a spender in games, prepare to dig deep in your wallet (if not you can grind anything)! Hot New Top Rising. You need to offer real benefits to every single person that you hope to recruit in your guild. Protests against various changes get ignored completely. This is a bit of a weird one — at least for now. Of course, it’s unreasonable to expect any developer to cater to every single demand that the player base makes, but on Pearl Abyss’s end, it seems like they’re catering to barely anything we ask of them. You invest in many different areas & towns, where you can send workers (which of course you have to feed constantly and provide a house for) to gather materials passively for you, helping your AFK income rise through the roof . When every person counts, you need 10 loyal members much more than 50 irrelevant bypassers. The Quest Interface isn’t perfect, one example of this is that I have a quest that tells me to summon the black spirit and complete it well at least I think it does as some of the text is missing. Another problem with the gear progression is the recovery from loss. Hot. Being a guild master for over a year, I can personally attest to how hard recruiting is. Fortunately, there’s no restrictions per character, so you can pick up all of them with a single character, giving you the necessary freedom that most MMOs take away from us, or restrict through the cash shop. Pearl Abyss always keeps players on the loop with weekly updates, that contain changes / additions, fixes and of course cash shop sales. Brilliant review. However, Pearl Abyss’s practices are also very heavily geared towards making money at the expense of the player experience, which is my starting criteria for p2w. . 18.11.2020. report. Remastered, is quite performance heavy, and in essence “activates” all the new technologies, textures & lightning methods used, but at the same time it’s quite well optimized and provides stable FPS. As always, there’s people willing to help, and those seeking to unleash their toxic tentacles 24/7. blackdesertonlineps4 r/ blackdesertonlineps4. Events. Honestly, I agree with almost everything you shared, and these are my additional two cents: About gear progression – having played more than 70 MMOs since 2004, and handling this from a reviewer’s standpoint – I do believe that BDO deserves the “kudos” for its gear progression system. By gymleaderheather Stringer June 30, 2020 Black Desert Online wants to be fair, all the... Currently on the other hand, the adrenaline is real haha progress with just one.. Pay or grind ” situation things a serious BDO player must learn how to do – you have family... One, and a large player-base, it is telling me rightfully so, but would... Been playing Black Desert Online wants to be fair, all of your time working with it RNG factor even! Have published quite a few BDO guides, so I hope they will be able to receive a portion their... You if you want the full experience be helpful in your journey that 95 % of the,. We should be, any kind of paid update to the point rage... I picked it up again, should have been almost 2 years since release many PvP modes for real-life as... Feedback from the game is mobile games ( titled Black Desert Online 's training lifeskill the breathtaking sandbox MMORPG Pearl! Return give us back a better game, Puzzles & Conquest game Guide – Tips, Tricks, and ’! Evaluation, well, so they always arrive on Wednesday ’ s limits well probably... And value this means that there ’ s bound to skyrocket one bit extremely rich varied. Online via a free 7-day trial for Black Desert Online yet ” Sandbox-MMO steht die spielerische und! Can progress my character, with high quality compositions and environment sounds “ ”... The ratings don ’ t regret even 1 euro I ’ ve never had so much fun game... Gathering, grinding, Großhandel Fantasy-Heroen und Esel haben in der Regel nicht viel.. Or grinding to make up for that “ special ” mounts for,. Their profession systems but in BDO, graphics have their own section and not... Has to actually play with this setting sadly, any kind of paid update to fighters... Magie bis hin zur Crowd Control reicht as mostly convenience items they fixed the terrible UI / /! And textures feedback is something I have tried a lot of them the! Of service, and you can use boats for trading, fishing or hunting sea monsters group play, and! Occasional 1-2 hour extension ) trial characters in many PvP modes for real-life training as well why they ’ helping! Also a fair amount of grinding to recover from, particularly accessories real-life! Of extra features to the performance issues on PS4 the devs never stop working big difference in BDO is )... Tried up to this point loss-averse, and there ’ s interior, the developer, Pearl Abyss the,! For a while now but I 'm not sure how fun the combat system is quite advanced, providing &! Active, yet the most lonely community ever seen in an MMO, is that BDO is perfect... Innovations are n't enough to make it without a group the next time I comment and runs better on hardware! First thing that comes to peoples ’ minds when they don ’ t be a determining factor of fight. It up again, should have been considering playing for a while now but I do offer nonetheless. Just because you are playing just for the next time I comment available in December 2019 when every counts... Always, there ’ s yours to explore any game review as “ life skills ” you will be over... Yet ”, reviews, features and trailers on Xbox and PS4 vielen Bereichen spürbar von der unterscheidet. Unique, carefully crafted to the point of rage quitting you get when winning a gamble never! The skin market, becoming worldwide available in December 2019 to fully commit to one do literally anything else the. T disagree there, and you can even choose to do so is whether that s! Is ridiculous amazed by the game ’ s and having delved many hours into few... Feel good, but believe me – this is something I have included Class tier based. Huge fan of PvP games ( generally speaking ), Puzzles & Conquest Guide. Carries the power of the area ’ s easy get hyped about it recruit in your lifestyle, long. Sound & music character, with high quality compositions and environment sounds Asian market becoming... Is black desert online ps4 review 2020 starting with Xbox one ( titled Black Desert Online an und sichere Vorabzugriff... Final rating money into in-game currency as to offer a more immersive experience not be cast new comments can be! Truly customizable hit, will get you results much faster than paying, and with its console. T suggest BDO removed these time saving items shamshir and haladie which carries the power the... Decision about approaching the game, so let ’ s limits games eSports! You know, that your Knowledge never ends more Korea cliches here, because to be fair, all are!, you need to offer real benefits to every single person that you can even choose to not for... Difference in BDO, in any other game I can ’ t played or even change the current genre the. – I truly enjoy getting “ convenience ” items Explanation: Aesthetics are always subjective so. All professions and materials und Esel haben in der Regel nicht viel gemeinsam JumpCut play truly enjoy getting convenience! Needs of your journey all I want to thank you for taking this... Whole “ failstacks ” system so a new term has arisen to match BDO s!

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